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More Rubber Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Collector Museum Site A
Dinosaur Collector Site B
Wow, someone who actually does something with his Rubber Dinos .... in a sense.
Cretaceous Central
A new site. Lots of colorful pictures, how can you go wrong?

Web Sites of Manufacturers - Importers - Distributors
Safari Ltd
The link should deliver you straight to Safari's Animal Replicas page, with links to the dinos - Wild Safari Dinosaurs, Missing Links Prehistoric Mammals, Dinos of China, Incredible Creatures, The Carnegie Institute Dinosaurs, TOOBS, and Authentics. If it doesn't work, try Safari's main page, click on one of the icons at the top, then Online Catalog, then Browse Our Inventory, then Animal Replicas, and you'll be where my first link should take you directly. Whoever set up the site must have charged Safari per link - that's the only thing that would explain that whole song and dance.

Safari's site isn't as informative as it might be, although it is getting better with time. Dino and other prehistoric figures are shown under Wild Safari, Carnegie, Dinos of China, and Missing Link. There are more rubber dinos squirreled away under Authentics, Incredible Creatures, and TOOBS.

UPDATE - June 2004 - Hmmm, looks like there's no access to the online catalog anymore. It wasn't very good, but it was all that was available. I can't see that this represents a solid leap into the 21st century for Safari.

UPDATE - June 2005 - At last, big improvements in Safari-land. The new site lists and illustrates all of the Carnegie collection (although the Safari list isn't quite identical to the list on the Carnegie Museum site - Safari doesn't currently list Pachycephalosaurus or Psittacosaurus). It even lists the Carnegie Mountain - without figures, with figures, and with figures glued in place.

Great animation on the splash page, although the site is a bit skimpy in the information department. Follow the Products and Nature World links to get to what dino material there is.
A popup claims that the site requires Flash 5. I keep fripperies like Flash off all my browsers, so I don't know what it does for the site, but things seem to be functional without it. Hit the English link, then Product Range > Scale Models > Dinosaurs. The English is eccentric (how about "Lizzard-Feet" and "Bird-Feet Dinosaurs"?) but don't let that scare you off. Schleich has quite a line of rubber animals and cartoon characters. The tropical fish and marine life sections look good, too. [That Schleich octopus is really you -- Ed.]
This is their English site but it's all mainly pictorial. It's also incomplete, showing only about half the figures Bullyland currently has in production.
Invicta Plastics
The link takes you to the page with the Dinosaur Box. It's 'way down near the end of the page. If that link doesn't work, try doing it the hard way - go to the Invicta home page, hit Education, then Online Catalog, then Invicta Education Catalog, then Click Here to Browse Without Logging In, and finally Invicta Early Years..... hardly worth all the trouble to get there. As of late 2002 the site has no listing of the available individual figures.

UPDATE - June 2005 - Site is down, except for the plaintive message, "We are currently constructing a brand new website for the group."

Guys guys guys!!! - get your new site up and running before you take down the old one!
Battat has a very minimal web presence, and this is it. The Boston Museum of Science dino series has been dropped. Battat does have some other dino products but it's not easy to find out what they are - at least, not easy to find out from Battat.

UPDATE - June 2004 - Battat's pitiful web presence may have changed into a total non-presence. Well, the "pitiful" part hasn't changed, at least.

UPDATE - June 2005 - Yes, it looks like the Battat web presence has not only died, it's had a stake driven through it.
K&M International
K&M initially carved out a niche supplying gift-shop stuff to aquariums - fuzzy dolphin dolls and stuff like that. They later diversified into natural history museum gift shops. Their rubber dinos are (surprise!) Chinese. The company web site has loads of heavy-duty animations but no useful information about the product lines yet.

UPDATE - June 2004 - A few products have been added but it's all crap like plush parrots - no prehistoric presence yet.
Play Visions
Play Visions has/had several distinct lines of interest to us - a half-dozen figures in the American Museum of Natural History series, another half-dozen (now discontinued) in the Habitat: Earth series, and another set of much larger figures with bendable limbs. The company web site has not so much as a squeak about any of them.

UPDATE - June 2004 - Rubber animals now appear on the site here, but it's too late for most of their dinos, which mainly remain extinct. There are some Textured latex dinosaurs that look and feel real!, and in mondo sizes. And there are some Mini Dinos I haven't seen anywhere. They have some bats, fish, starfish, sharks, and geckos which look pretty good, and, of course, some spiders.

UPDATE - June 2005 - Play Visions may be out of the rubber dino business entirely.

Web Sites of Recommended Retailers

None of the following firms are affiliated in any way with me or this site. I have done online business with all, and all have shipped the proper merchandise in a timely manner, thus earning the coveted Realm of Rubber Dinosaurs Seal of Approval.

Note that prices vary over an extravagant range, and comparison shopping is recommended.
Dinosaur Shop at The ABoyd Company
A good source for the various Safari dinos. ABoyd also carried the Battat Boston Museum of Science and the ReSaurus Carnage lines, which is too bad as both are kaput.

UPDATE - June 2004 - Things have moved around a bit. Try here. ABoyd is down to some Safari lines - Carnegie, Dinos of China, and Wild Safari - and something called Prehistoric Mastepiece Collection, which I know nothing about - but as there are only two figures, it's not much of a collection yet.
Dinosaur Farm
A source for most (though not all) of quite a few lines - most of the Safari ones, Bullyland, Schleich, Carnage (apparently now made by some outfit other than ReSaurus), and some others.
Online Hobbies UK
An English "stockist" of individual Invicta Natural History Museum dinos, as well as Carnegie and some other Safari lines, Walking with Dinosaurs, Carnage, Tamiya kits, etc.

UPDATE - June 2005 - Site has moved. Try here.
The Dinosaur Nest
A source for the Habitat Earth dinos. The smaller series has been discontinued, but the larger bendable ones are still available here. The Dinosaur Nest also carries the Play Visions American Museum of Natural History figures, and some miscellanea.

UPDATE - June 2004 - Dinosaur Nest may be extinct.

UPDATE - June 2005 - Yes, extinct is the word.
Bay State Replicas
A subsidiary of Two Guys Fossils, one of my regular fossil suppliers. Bay State has several lines of models and rubber dinos, and an extensive assortment of casts of fossils, bones, footprints, eggs, skulls, etc. Their rubber dinos include some of the Safari Missing Link line, the Safari Dinosaurs of China, most of the Safari Carnegie line, some dwindling stock of the extinct Battat Museum of Science line, and a relatively complete stock of the Bullyland prehistoric mammals and birds (listed as the Stuttgart Collection).

More Retailers

I have yet to deal online with any of the following outfits, and so can't make any recommendations one way or the other about the quality of their services.
The American Museum of Natural History
One might reasonably expect the Museum's site to have the current AMNH rubber dinos, but the words "Dino Store" on this page are as close are one will get to such a thing ..... at least as of December 2002.

UPDATE - June 2004 - The words "Dino Store" are still just words .... no link yet. These guys make me look fast.

UPDATE - June 2005 - No rubber dino listings at all. All they have are t-shirts and hats with sports team logos on them. Not my idea of science, at all.
Boston Museum of Science
The Boston MoS has a listing of the Battat series (with decent pictures and decent prices, too) but it's really too late, as the series is extinct. There's no indication of what the Museum will be stocking in future.

UPDATE - June 2004 - Their Web presence is reduced to "Please note that our online retail store is currently being updated. We will be back online in the near future." Maybe they haven't figure out what to stock in the way of dinos yet.

UPDATE - June 2005 - They're back online, at, but very weak in Rubber Dinos.

Natural History Museum, London
If we ignore abominations like the furry T. rex wearing a "Natural History Museum" t-shirt .... then all that's shown on their site is the boxed set of a dozen Invicta figures. I know the Museum shop carries far more dino material than that, but perhaps it's not available via net purchase.

UPDATE - June 2004 - No rubber dino listings at all. Well, phooey.
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Finally, the Carnegie Museum has the Carnegie figures available for Internet shoppers.

Paper Dinosaurs
An "exhibition of original printed materials related to the history of dinosaur discovery" at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City.
Terrible Lizard! The Dinosaur As Plaything
A strange essay on the rise of dino-toys. It strikes me as PC rubbish from start to end, but the author (whose name does not appear on the page) deserves credit for noticing that there's a puzzle - why were there no early dino-toys?

Other Fun with Plastic [non-dino] Figures
Garden Wargaming
Playmobile Toy Soldiers meet H.G.Wells and Little Wars
Minoan Culture, Andromeda in Chains, and Amazons
Barbie brings us the Classics

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